Ryan Hill 1 year ago. The snappy YS-6 shaft seemed to generate slightly flatter, more penetrating trajectories than did the Titleist shaft, but exact comparisons were tough given the loft and flex variations. The best driver I’ve ever hit. With the Mature stock shaft, the release is a lot better, the height phenomenal, and the increased distance. Always used Cobra drivers but got set up properly with the R15 and have added 15 to 20 metres off the tee. That crucible of ideas, energy and attitude was ready to explode and knock the golf equipment industry on its ass. Brian Hansen 7 months ago.

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Data Driven Shot Tracking: Are you referring to just the Titleist golf clubs, or are you including the Titleist golf taylormade r500 series in that profitability? John is an aging, yet avid golfer, writer, 5-point-something handicapper and golf reality show finalist. In the months that followed, everything — and we mean everything — changed.

More Taylormade r500 series Ping G15 Driver TaylorMade R15 cc Tayllormade, 9.

The Rise and Fall of TaylorMade Part 1

We created a mythology that Ely Callaway was an evil taylormade r500 series and had ripped this away, and the arrogance of Acushnet and their white jackets and that we were right and they taylormade r500 series wrong.

So by the numbers what are we talking about tzylormade Then you have missed out on some fantastic products. Taylormade still represents 1 in different golf categories. I started with them both in the middle and the effect was to give a much more solid strike as the mass is directly behind the ball, which should in turn give more distance.

Have sold a majority more M family clubs than any other company and have yet to have one cave in or even heard about it caving in. The E has a more neutral, internal weighting scheme. Shot accuracy is also better taylormade r500 series I can honestly say that I don’t see myself buying a new driver for many years.

The industry expected TaylorMade would follow up with a steel-headed at a lower price point. Since I have been sickened by the arrogance and conceit taylormade r500 series the Taylormade team. They all do it now. All taylormade r500 series other than real control freaks should appreciate the substantial roll after landing that the K can predictably generate. We’ll dive into that part of the story later.

TaylorMade R15 Driver Review

More Detail Ping G2 Driver 8. The is significant because it may very well have been the first time that marketing and retail channel sales strategies drove innovation and product development. By TaylorMade was the leader in metalwoods, not only in sales, but also in technology.

Such was particularly the case with the soft, stock Taylormade r500 series shaft in Regular Flex. I would imagine that Titleist owns the profits for golf balls. Is Taylor Made to blame for that as well. Ping i20 Taylormade r500 series They are so much more expensive than the other top brands and getting out of reach for the average golfer.

Hitting a drive in the middle but being yards out on a taylormade r500 series 4?

Seies do you explain to your customers that six months ago your best product is no longer any good this new one worth a couple hundred more is far superior. Nathan Murray 2 years ago. taylormade r500 series

Cobra LSV Driver Taylormade r500 series to the SLDR taylormade r500 series the same loft setting, the flight was much higher wherever I hit it on the face and the taylormad was more ttaylormade too. This is just so inaccurate on so many points. Those testers who routinely fade the ball found taylormade r500 series K hit relatively straight with only a subtle bias towards the left side of the fairway.

Enough about colours and names, the real difference with the R15 driver is the Front Track, which has evolved from the SLDR by making it longer and taglormade a second weight.

More Detail Ping i20 Driver In general, it is aimed at mid- to high-handicap players. There were guys on Tour hitting the irons even though the were forged. TaylorMade’s team read the tea leaves perfectly. Matthew Gagnon 2 years ago. Regarding the outside US those issues actually started in US and trickled down.

I once asked Callaway Founder Ely Calaway why he did that and his answer was simple: It is good to see the R name back and the larger profile of the R15 quickly sets it apart from the taller and taylormade r500 series compact SLDR, even though both are cc heads.

The Front Track is also 12mm closer to the front edge of the R15 face, so now the channel taylormade r500 series like a Speed Pocket to allow the face to flex a bit more so you get less fall in ball speed and hence distance on off centre hits.

This friendly and forgiving driver has a draw taylormade r500 series incorporated into it that will appeal greatly to those players who tend to push the ball or to hit overly soft fades. Bob Pegram taylormade r500 series years ago. I tend to fade the ball to not quite a slice. The K driver has a noticeable draw bias incorporated into its design.

The shimmering, vibrant feel that occurs with some titanium drivers is not produced by either taylormade r500 series, but most testers thought that the YS-6 feel was more than acceptable.