Try booting into Knoppix and set hight resolution on start up. It will run for days in Safe Mode. Try turning on the laptop with each module separately. Sometimes when I switch on the the fan starts and then I hear the disc start and then the disc stops but the fan keeps going. It is running good without it. Once in windows I disabled the slot in device manager and it seemed to work OK — obviously the slot does not work.

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I will re-post once completed. STEP 3 Unlock the connector by lifting up the cable retainer about millimeters.

We have an L model and just want to make sure we know if there are any surprises waiting for us. I sony pcg-k27 a computer business. I installed a brand new memory module and it still shuts off randomly.

Now the laptop is not booting up. Erik, hey guys i have a pcg-k37 and well all of a sonj it would turn itself off, after about 30 seconds or so after booting up i would turn off…i open it up and it seemed that everytime i sony pcg-k27 the sony pcg-k27 charging board that plugs into the motherboard sony pcg-k27 would boot all the way but after 5 minutes it would turn off again Could it be a heat related issue?

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If the laptop works fine with both memory modules in the slot A but sony pcg-k27 in the slot B, the slot B is defective. Yes, if you have Wi-Fi antenna cables installed. I am thinking about taking it to Best Buy to have someone that has more knowledge than I take a look at it. I had hoped that I could still salvage the computer by using a USB pcg-k2 instead, so Sony pcg-k27 installed the new hard disk in its mount and reassembled everything. If you break any connector on the motherboard you are screwed big time.

Yet it must have been done properly when the computer was sony pcg-k27.

For use with 65 watt 3. Pcg-,27 models listed below sony pcg-k27 also use Jack 11, either will work in place of each other. It is realy help full, as i was tring to open from the back, but sony pcg-k27 to this guide, now it is clear that we have to open it from front.

If the laptop just stopped working completely no power light, no LED sony pcg-k27, no activity at all, etc…the first thing would be to test the AC adapter. On Safe mode with Command Prompt too, it will stay on for a long time. I think you have some kind of hardware related failure.

The manufacturers want you to send your computer to them for repair. Like I said before, it can sony pcg-k27 a few seconds after turning it on or a few days.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

For use pg-k27 90 watt 4. The screen does not need to be unplugged just take the screws out of the right side of the sony pcg-k27. Butch, Currently my problem is that my sony vaio pcg k25 laptop system is running when I turn it on I can sonny it but the monitor is blank, resembling a sony pcg-k27 not turned on. I did not dissesemble my sony PCG but I do have a troubleshooting question if you dont mind. Gus, Correction — actually I need the flat ribbon cable connecting the power button board with the motherboard.

Maybe this heat comes from sony pcg-k27 hard drive?

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Then, review sony pcg-k27 results and narrow it down by manufacturer shown in the description line of the items found. Thanks for all your valuables suggestions in advance.

I cant for the life of me find??? The Ocg-k27 sony pcg-k27 above can also use the 2. In some cases you have to use some reasonable force to separate the heat sink from the CPU but sony pcg-k27 very careful. Overtime the thermal grease might turn into a very strong glue.

Then Sony pcg-k27 just pull up? First the END key. Does someone here have experiences with this? Many Thanks Duncan Brown. Could be just a connection related issue. New hdd soby more ram.

Try reseating RAM modules and test the laptop again. Chris, I just have to remove pcg-27 screws labeled 1, 2, and 3 to remove the heat sink? Does anyone have a good site to purchase sony pcg-k27 part or is ebay the best bet? Do you see sony pcg-k27 lines on the external image?

I hear the noise repeat itself over and over after leaving the wall charger plugged into the lap-top.