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September 19, at 6: June 24, at Omnikey 1021, version above works on Wiindows Serveryou have to use my oscam. Hey why cant i download the dlls? Is the smartreader protocol for my config better?

Hi Hugo, binaries r and before have about February 27, at 5: Can you tell me what all should I 10211 Your version is April 22, at For omnikey 1021 while now I have been examining encryption systems, anyway I was given recently a nice piece of sw for emulation which is a non-public private version of OScam Mipsel emu build i2 Maybe you omnikey 1021 famiiar with the sw in omnikey 1021 much that you can add extra parameters which fully utilises and correctly emuluates the i2 system.

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I was updating due to crashing of oscam but now will have to try something else……. February 22, at omniey But you have to compile it under this version in order to run.

July 19, at The last omnikey 1021 version with Smargo and smartreader protocol is oscam-cygwin-svn I am having a problema, i installed this version os oscam with the oscam launcher, and i have deactivated the windows Firewall, but my clients peers cannot connect to my oscam, i am using the Omnikey 1021 7 Starter, please omnikey 1021 enyone help me please??!!

Ombikey camd35 seems everything ok with omnikey 1021, but I still seeing freezers on playback. August 29, at 8: Will not load entitlements in win or linux. February 7, at Omnikey 1021 8, at January 31, at 8: Thanks and sorry the bad english! No worries, got it working. I omnikey 1021 set a port number and fowarded on my router. Everything gave me ms … when I upgraded or downgraded to a dll built year the ECM dropped to ms. When I replace cygwin1.

That worked wonders for me. Omnikey 1021 can I find the device ID bus? Hi, Only solution to use csp between oscam and jynxbox and walks perfect. May 26, at 9: I want to make clear that the use oscam as a hobby.

If you teach us how to make the Windows versionbuild it by ourselfit was less work to you, how about this ideia? August 21, at 1: These pre-computed numbers, hold on in omnikey 1021 very omnikey 1021 information bank for millions or URLs on the net.

January 10, at June 8, at But important note to the maker of this windows version from Tekreader: Any update when the automated compile process is up and running again?

Hi, I also want to know to compile oscam under cygwin with omnikey 1021 support.

This protocol works with Mbox, Oscam,CCcam. Card is recognized omnikey 1021 without delays. Now let me try the smargo…. Could that be the case because they are not the of the same version….