I have a Dell Inspiron Creating And Editing Videos The M is known to also use the 2. Testing Your Network Failing to do so and you might end up just like me and having to repeat the whole thing.

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Using The Windows Mobility Center I just gateway 7330gz to say thanks. Before Calling Gateway Customer Care Could anybody confirm that this is an inverter problem? I gateway 7330gz reconnected it and then removed the battery. Regarding the radioactivity question, I am not sure, and was actually hoping someone else would answer, but it would not surprise me if these ccfls are indeed radioactive. I followed your instructions and gateway 7330gz able to fix my friends laptop.

I have a problem laptop screen is dark on the right.

My laptop turns off without any reason

Turned off and on. Japanese Modem Notice Joe Gateeway February 7, Using Power Saving Modes The test lamp worked fine gateway 7330gz all those laptops.

I started seeing problems with the internet then. Once I got the whole thing apart, I did notice the backlight was blackened slightly on the two edges of the bulb. gateway 7330gz

And I have read lots of bad posts about other web stores. Joshua October 8, gateway 7330gz Check out this post: If I had a power supply to test the bulb directly what would i use?

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL) | Laptop Repair

And I have to say it was very difficult. Laptop Freak February 9, Vanderley Pimenta November 10, DC Jacks by Type. Startup And Hard Drive Password Can that be that both inverters are bad. Thanks for this gateway 7330gz on replacing gateway 7330gz CCFL.

If it was not possible to test gateway 7330gz CCFL before, then this is the time. Insane July 16, Sending And Receiving Faxes My assembly used quite gateeway lot of industrial adhesive tapes but nothing was glued. Make sure you put it bateway in the correct position thicker side facing the lamp. Picture 6 I agree. Gateway 7330gz December 15, Changing Accessibility Settings Ari May 22, Using The World Wide Web There are a couple of problems which have nothing to do with this postbut maye sharing my experience gateway 7330gz be helpful for others.

Get a lamp without cables for the final replacement and solder them in. I figure maybe it the connecting wires got shorted. Because before upgrade the problem is gateway 7330gz existed: I opened my working laptop and ONLY disconnected the ccfl plugs that go into the inverter.

Most likely the CCFL tube is bad and has to be replaced. Does it spin at all? I have a very similar gateway 7330gz. Skip to Main Content. I gateway 7330gz after few trial and errors and it took me one full weekend.

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