Use only Zebra-approved card and ribbon media. Print stations with associated Extended Memory installed have storage for lines of im- aging, which exceeds the x-axis image area on the cards. This command serves to print several Monochrome cards from an image previously stored in the Resin image buffer. The regular use of these cards will To avoid deposits, only use foam-tipped swabs. The following lists the advanced encoder com- mands: IH Command – Print Hologram Description This command serves to print the entire address able Varnish image buffer or to reverse print any im- age data line, rectangles, graphics, text, etc.

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This is a first-time rib- bon synchronization used to position a die-cut panel a known offset from eltron p300 Laminator Station of P card printers.

After print completion, the card may be ejected to the output tray hopper or repositioned to print an- other image eltron p300 panel. The 12th and 13th digit define eltron p300 country code.

The magnetic encoder can be set for either high and low coercivity. Page A Rev.

Zebra P310 User Manual

The wide to narrow bar and space pp300 is set by the ratio. Bars are wide or narrow and the wide bars are set by the ratio. For Eltron p300, data downloads alternated with print commands takes advantage of a related capability to overlap, and thereby, speed eltron p300 these operations. Card distortion can produce encoding errors.

Copyright Notice Zebra Technologies Corporation and may eltron p300 be duplicated in full or in part by any person without written approval from Zebra.


Page eltrob Rev. P eltron p300Pc. Eltron p300 command only applies to monochrome printing using a Monochrome ribbon having a sin- gle continuos color and material; i.

Third, be- cause resin may need no varnish protection, an inverted-resin bit-map can apply varnish. For Clear and White Card printing: Recognition of this command requires an En- coder board that can change between high and low coercivity.

The warranty be- comes void if the equipment is modified, improperly installed or used, damaged by accident or ne- glect, or if any eltron p300 are improperly installed or replaced by the user.

Don’t have an account? Page 8 Appendix D Page 34 Rev. The printer eltron p300 execute a new encoder command until the previous encoder command has been completed. Install cards into Cartridge. Description Loads a single line of Monochrome bit-map data into a monochrome image buffer. The ratio command parameter eltron p300 bar to wide bar width is ignored by the printer. X Command – Check Command Initiator! I Command – Print Monochrome Graphics I Command – Print Monochrome Graphics Description This command serves to print a monochrome graphic panel from a card image previously stored in the buffer designated for Resin elgron.

Eltron p300 shows the same bit-map in association with compressed data Figure Non-Compressed Bit-Map x axis Rev.

Parallel Port Printer The Busy and Acknowledge eltron p300 lines are used to transfer data to the printer only. IS Eltron p300 – Print Color Graphic Description This command serves to print from a selected color dye sublimation ribbon panel using data from an associated image buffer.


The encoder reports a data error when the total number of data characters has exceeded the maxi- eltronn allowed by physical encoding bit density and the data format in any read or write data func- tion. Interleaved 2 Of 5 The name Interleaved 2 of 5 is derived from the method used to encode two eltron p300. The card printer eltron p300 op- erate with both interfaces attached and communi- cating with the printer.

Command – Clear Error Status. Code 39 Code 39 is an alphanumeric bar code. Eltron p300 non-approved card or ribbon me- dia can void your warranty.

Eltron p300 Handling Process 3. Carefully peel off wrapper from new Cleaning Roller while in Cartridge. Parallel ports are the standard. Load ribbon onto the supply spindle under eltron p300 head carriage and empty core with tape attached onto the take-up spindle.

Ersatzfilter | Panel F7 | VR 700 DC/DE

Varying the intensity level affects the density amount of the transferred material. The Card Cartridge must be empty for manual card feeding to work properly. T Command – Mag. Encoder Operation The encoder executes commands eltron p300 one at a time.

The Command Initiator serves to mark the charac- ter s immediately following command characters.