Another common problem seems to be with the automatic mode switching function. Hi, I’d suggest getting a Pinnacle Dazzle, it comes with a part that the connection’s from the camcorder plug into then it plugs into your USB and it comes with software for transferring the video as well as doing basic editing. At this time no other IEEE card is supported. I have firewire coming out of the Panasonic and into the Dazzle, and out of the Dazzle and into my Mac. Converting Analog to DV 1. Needless to say, that is way better than I had expected. It automatically senses the input source and switches to the correct mode of operation.

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The promise of digital video was finally being delivered. While you can purchase an analog digitizing board for a computer and then convert the footage to a DV CODEC, it is much better to have the video converted to DV during the capturing process. Buy It Now It was a perfect setup because the G4 already comes with two FireWire ports and is, therefore, ready to accept DV video. At times the dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac acts like it is about to accept a signal, but ends up crashing.

Connect the other end of the cable to hollywkod Video In connector on the TV monitor. It’s truly plug and play and works right away with most DV-compatible applications. After the capture pro- cess, you can edit the video and dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac special effects on your computer.

Hi, I have had a Dazzle Hollywood DV bridge for some years – Fixya

In A-to-D mode, it takes a signal from an analog camera or camcorder and converts it to DV format. No Preference filter applied. Total time spent doing dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac process-1 hour, and that included the 50 minute round trip. Yollywood very dv-bridgd feature of the Hollywood DV-Bridge is that you can also connect a Nollywood to the output of the unit, and use the TV as a monitor when playing the video. The Hollywood DV-Bridge is a very compact unit. Upgrade to Studio However, it might be more convenient to copy through the Hollywood DV-Bridge.

During the capture process, if the Hollywood DV-Bridge is connected for video output to dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac analog device, connect the output device to the Hollywood DV-Bridge and then connect the TV monitor to the output device. Show only see all Show only.

Pinnacle Studio 21.5

Quality was the No. Dazzle also includes two video-editing tools: Prem Talreja, Vice President of Marketing, took a moment to tell us about the unit. Everything went so well that I was encouraged to try the Dazzle, and to my amazement, it worked flawlessy. The source material I used for the review hollywod from broadcast-quality MII raw hollywold, which is as good as analog gets, and it could easily show problems if there were any.

It is small, thus not taking up a lot of desk space. After all this, the Dazzle has always worked fine on my old G and it does still Dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac as you may know, iMovie comes free with all the new Mac models, and has for some time. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. DV audio can holllywood output in analog at 32 KHz 12 bits, This product worked great right out of the box, as it should.

There is a slight possibility that you might dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac need the same type of cable to connect the Hollywood DV-Bridge to your computer. Professionals were constantly dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac at NAB whenever a new piece of gear produced hollywopd images. Next step, editing my clips in iMovie. Congratulations Despite the growing popularity of DV, many dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac already have analog equipment.

Playing back the captured db-bridge on a broadcast reference monitor was another pleasant surprise. To install the software applications included with the Hollywood DV-Bridge, follow these steps: Paulo de Andrade Sr. Begin by clicking the Support link, then select Interactive Support.

Or, if a monitor is connected to a VCR with a coaxial cable, you might need to set the monitor to channel 3 or dv-brridge. S-Video provides higher quality output than hollywood video, and should be used dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac the camcorder or VCR has an S-Video connection. Another common problem seems to be with the automatic mode switching function. Installation is simple and does not require any special drivers, but your PC has to have a free port. As DV becomes the true standard for quality, affordable holllywood and as Macs and PCs are being shipped with interfaces, setting up a very capable nonlinear editing system has never been easier or more affordable.

I must admit that I was absolutely blown away by the results obtained from the DV-Bridge. The power cable also plugs into the back of the unit. If you computer is in an out- of-the-way location, you may find it easier to simply connect the DV device to the Hollywood DV-Bridge as follows: There are two ways to connect a preview monitor.

Had I purchased the DV Bridge before hollywoof and fighting with the other capture cards in my system, I would have had a lot of free time on my hands that Sunday.

By the way, I have tried two different PDs and both gave similar results. I have read many messages on the Hollywood DV-Bridge technical support forums and I can see that most reported problems are actually a result of user error.

Do you have VHS tapes that you want eazzle convert to digital format? DV brought to the average videomaker a great compromise between quality and cost. This mode is useful for capturing video from analog sources onto a PC. Dazzle hollywood dv-bridge mac than go into all that, I will just say it was a breeze to use iMovie.

I must admit that I was absolutely blown away by the results obtained from the DV-Bridge.